Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weekly Report October 2, 2009

Taking time to prepare everything for the school week really pays off. The school week went smoothly and we finished up by 11:30 most days. Wow! This has been great. Let's see what we did.

Outside activities:

Friday--no playdate as it rained all day, we did run errands and my youngest got pink cowgirl boots.
Saturday--we visited friends and had great homemade pizza.
Sunday--we cleaned house and clipped coupons
Tuesday--I had a dentist appointment and we went grocery shopping
Wednesday--Walmart and Webkinz shopping
Thursday--we will be cleaning house

Now for the workboxes:

Box 1--Read Aloud: We are almost half way through the Wide Window. It has been a great book. I love the vocabulary he sticks in there.

Box 2--Grammar: This week we worked on making nouns plural. It was a light work week.

Box 3--Math: 2nd grade: working on addition within 20.
4th grade: reviewed multiplication and easy fraction work. So it was easy as well.

Box 4--Spelling: Finished up list F and we seem to be finding a nice flow with spelling.

Box 5--History: mainly we worked on projects like the Clay's Choice paper quilt and the scarecrow paper doll.

Box 6--Science: We played with our snaptricity kit and had a lot of fun with electricity.

Box 7--Reading: again it went great.

Box 8--Biome/Geography: We switched from North America and Forest to one box on South America and the Rainforest. I think that this is going to be a fun unit.

Basically, I am really happy with the school week. Yeah! How was your week?

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