Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weekly Report October 15, 2009

It was a pretty good week. We had plenty of at home time, some fun errands and made progress in school work. I've been happy with the week. Here is our schedule this week:

Friday--No playdate in the park, instead I met a friend at Kidscommons and talked 4-H
Saturday--Ethnic Expo parade, shopping
Sunday--CVS day, the last of our baby rabbits went on to their new homes
Monday--Library and Hobby Lobby (we needed fuse-beads)
Tuesday--at home
Wednesday--the girls had their hair trimmed and we did all the grocery shopping
Thursday--at home day and local charity will be picking up our old couch

Next week is a very busy week and I am sort of not looking forward to it but I have tried to make it so that it is not overwhelming like most busy weeks are. But we will see how it all goes.

The workboxes were OK this week and here is the rundown:

Box 1--The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket. We still enjoy this series and are reading book 4.

Box 2--Grammar: Adjectives have gone well.

Box 3--Math: Second grade: working on shapes while reviewing addition within 10 and she is doing very well. She does a lesson in both Singapore and Rod and Staff each day.
Fourth grade: working on graphs and tables while reviewing multiplication facts. She is worked on the 6 and 7 tables this past week. Graphing work went well.

Box 4--Spelling: doing 10 words a week is working well. It is a bit slow for my older daughter but my younger is able to keep up with the workload. Next year I will probably split them up for spelling work.

Box 5--History: They are working on serape style weavings and we finished up the timeline. Tomorrow we are going to make the corn husk dolls. Next week we should finish it up.

Box 6--Biomes/Geography: I love, love, love the homeschoolshare site but one of the things that really is tough for me is when I find a unit that looks complete but it isn't until we really start working on it that I find that the information we need to complete about 1/3 of the books are not with the unit or in the recommended books. We worked on parts of the Rainforest lapbook on Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday I was too frustrated. I hope to get back on track next week.

Box 7--Reading: Second grade: I will put this in a separate post.
Fourth grade: She says that the chapters aren't taking as long to read and is wanting to read at times other than bedtime or schooltime. Yeah!

Box 8--Get Creative: Never even thought about the box this week but they were making fuse-bead projects so they got creative on their own.

A fairly decent week. Some disappointments and some progress. How was your week?

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