Thursday, October 15, 2009

Second Grade: Teaching Reading

This has got to be one of the hardest things to teach. We were making a lot of progress and then all of a sudden she got lazy and quit trying again. I had one child who had a hard time learning to read because of her learning style. Now I have a child who just doesn't want to learn. So how do you teach a child to read who has no interest in putting forth the effort?

I don't know. We keep mixing things up and trying different angles and making a little progress here or there and go back a little here or there. Some times I just want to cry because it is so hard. I always thought that because the rest of us learned to read fairly easily and love to read that my children would pick it up easily.

But no, it has been hard. We try phonics, we try sight reading, we try nothing, we try everything, and we just cross our fingers and pray that it will all turn out well in the end.

Currently, we are working with Spell to Write and Read, so she can get to know the phonograms and their sounds and the rules. I was introducing Dolch Sight words and she knew some, learned some and didn't put the effort forth to do anything with the rest. So now, I am having her read out loud to me and when we come across a word she doesn't know we are using another sheet of paper to write the letters and markings and learning to sound the word out.

This is going OK. We are just on the second day and she put effort into reading today. But we will see how it goes.

So was teaching reading hard for you? What did you try to make things work?


jennybell said...

My situation is a little different than yours, because my son "said" he wanted to learn to read and I think he really did, but he liked me reading to him better.

I found some good printable phonics readers at (some of them are free to try) that were a mix of adult reading and child reading, even in the same sentence (distinguished by font size and color). Also, sometimes we would just alternate pages in a reader.

Now that he's a more independent reader, I start story time earlier and he has to read some to me before I read to him as his reward.

This may not be your child's concern at all, but there may be some underlying reason besides laziness. Good luck.

Julia said...

I used The Reading Lesson with my son when he was 4, and he caught on instantly.

I don't remember why I didn't use it with my daughter, but it was obvious to me that she wasn't going to be an early reader. She both didn't want to learn and just didn't catch on when I tried to teach her. Even learning the letter sounds was a huge struggle. So I stopped struggling for a while, hoping she just needed to mature. July '08 when she was seven years old I purchased Sing Spell Read and Write, Kindergarten and First Grade Levels. It worked! We're near the end of first grade, and she's reading well. She started slowly, and now she's working very quickly through the program. By her eighth birthday she could slowly read very easy beginner books. Now she does really well reading all kinds of books. We ended up dropping the spelling part of the program, but it works fine to just do the reading and writing aprt. I don't know if it's the program or waiting until she was ready, but it worked for us. Best wishes.



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