Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning

We got started early this morning. We are all waking up earlier and have more energy. I think we have finally gotten past last year's stresses and our lives are getting back to normal.

Since we were up early, we were able to start school earlier and had time to read two chapters in the Miserable Mill. It is a good book but sometimes, it makes me feel like a helpless child again wanting to defend others from injustice. A lot of times, I feel like the character in the book, Charles, who doesn't think the children should be working in the mill but doesn't do anything about it because he doesn't want to rock the boat. When I start feeling like that I feel guilty because as an adult I can rock the boat against injustice and I should rock the boat.

Well, anyway it was a good morning. We are making progress in reading for second grade. Right now we are just reading out loud and I am helping her with sounding out words with a new method:

she gets stuck on a word
I write the first letter or phonogram and she says the sound
we do this with every letter for the word
then say it faster and faster until she says the word
then we start reading at the beginning of the sentence that contains the word

Sometimes we read a sentence several times but she is keeping more words in her brain now.

It was a good start. How was your Monday morning?

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