Friday, October 16, 2009

Marley and Me

So we watched the movie, "Marley and Me," as a family. This is not a family film. It is not really a comedy. Yes, it has funny parts but it should never have been marketed as a funny family film.

It is a drama that explores deep topics that parents deal with. It explores pet ownership the ups and downs. It explores becoming a parent and all that it entails. It explores giving up your dreams to be a good parent and/or provider for your family. It explores the death of a beloved family pet.

No, this movie is not a fun family movie to watch on family night. It is better to be watched when you want to feel down. It was a good movie if you like dramas and movies that explore the deeper thoughts that parents really don't want to think about.

1 comment:

Julia said...

I thought the movie was really good, but definitely not a fun family flick. I watched it with my kids when it first came out last Christmas. My daughter was heartbroken.


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