Monday, October 5, 2009

Bad Monday

Today was one of those days where everything fell apart with math and it could have ruined the rest of the day but we got it all back together. This was the first bad day in a long time.

Everything started well with the read aloud and grammar went well but I had a puzzle of the multiplication table for my oldest to put together for math. Sounds like fun and easy work huh? Wrong! It soon erupted into tears and tantrums. I had her throw the puzzle away and work on easy fraction work but she was so upset over the puzzle that she couldn't match 2/4 to 1/2.

I thought for a while that we might have to scratch the whole school day. I hate doing that but it happens. But she calmed down, pulled herself together and we were able to have a nice spelling lesson and completed the rest of the day.

I hate days like this. It was just a puzzle and as soon as I realized that she was frustrated with it, I had her throw it out but she couldn't let it go. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. No puzzles are on the agenda. So what do you do with "Bad Mondays."

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