Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At-Home Time

The time that I treasure most is the days that my girls and I just stay home. During this time we may clean house, tackle large projects, do crafts or just sit and watch a movie together while eating popcorn. It is a special time for us where we can relax, not worry about going anywhere and do the small but important things in life.

The view from outside of homeschooling, people may think that we have all the time in the world. But in reality there is a lot of important inside and outside things that we must or choose to do. Let's look at a list of what homeschoolers often do:

School work 2-6 hours a day 4-7 days a week--that wipes out mornings

chores/errands (library, grocery, banking, etc.) 1-2 hours a day

Co-op--1 hour to 5 hours a week plus preparation and/or homework

Band and/or Choir--2-5 hours a week

4-H and/or Scouting and/or any other club--1 hour a week plus any weekend events for each club

Field trips--1-4 days a month

Sports--6+ hours per week depending on the amount of practice and distance of competitions.

Lessons--1 hour or more for each lesson

Church--2 hours to 25 hours a week or more depending on how much your family volunteers and/or is involved in various church activities.

Must I go on?

There is so much out there to do and be involved in. You could do school all morning, be involved in various classes, activities, sports and volunteer opportunities all afternoon and evening and be stuck doing errands wherever they fit in. Actually, it was from all this that carschooling was born.

So how do you find time to have a day or two a week to just be home?

You have to say no and limit your outside activities. We have a fairly tight schedule and I really try to protect my at home day to at least 1 and hopefully 2 per week so that we can just relax and enjoy each other. Right now our schedule looks like this:

Monday--Library/field trip/errand day
Wednesday--lessons/grocery shopping
Thursday--at home/prepping school
Saturday--may be home/may do family activities

Now, when I have a doctors appointment or something out of the ordinary, I try to schedule so that it falls on a busy day so that we still have down time. When we are too busy I get extremely stressed and everything starts to fall apart. But when I have down time at least one day a week, things run smoothly and if I get two days things get done.

How do you make time to just be a family at home?

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jennybell said...

My son goes to school 3 days a week (T/W/Th). Those days he does not see his Dad at all. Mondays and Fridays are for home and school "work", errands, library, playdates, appointments (dentist, hair, etc). Our church has Saturday and Sunday services...we usually choose Sat. We typically have one day on the weekend that is our stay at home family day. We sleep in, eat donuts or cinnnamon rolls for breakfast, watch movies, play games, do crafts. The other day is the day we have church and other outside activities depending on the weather and what is going on around town that's fun to do. We have to do it this way. Because of Dad's work schedule, we don't see him much during the week. I'll be honest, a lot of the housework doesn't get done very often.


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