Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's in the Workbox?

I am looking forward to a good week and the end of the units for the month of September. In October we will be starting some new units and we are ready for them. So what is in the workboxes for the last week of September?

Box 1--The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket

Box 2--Grammar: Plurals. We will be looking at making nouns plural and learning the various ways we do that including adding s, es, changing f to v and y to i to add es and internal changing words.

Box 3--Math: Grade 2: #12 fact beehives, Singapore math 1a text and workbook. And I just added in a file folder game on adding doubles.
Grade 4: worksheets from this site: We use the leveled practice worksheets. She is working on the 3rd grade multiplication and 4th grade fraction worksheets. I am also putting multiplication file-folder games in there. I will try to take pictures once they are all made.

Box 4--Spelling: List F 2nd 1/2, worksheets for opposites, adjectives and senses. We will also do the compound word game and use the task cards to practice writing the words.

Box 5--History: timeline, corn husk doll, paper quilt, grass weaving and a paper log cabin. It is all about pioneers this week. I am hoping this is a good week. The activities from this week are the whole reason we chose this curriculum.

Box 6--Science: electricity lapbook and our snap-circuits kit. This should be fun.

Box 7--Reading: 2nd grade: Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa books, Dolch lists 1-7 and cards for them. We are going to try to work with the cards a little bit more.
4th grade: She is reading Akiko and the Alpha Centauri 5000 by Mark Crilley. She is almost finished with this one and will be moving onto the 7th book.

Box 8--Geography: finishing up North American and setting up the box for South America.
Biomes: Finishing up forests and setting up the box for rainforests (we will do a lapbook for this).

Box 9--Get creative: 2nd grade: she is working on a pin cushion for her mini-4-H project.
4th grade: she is working on her caged critters notebook for her rabbit. We may also do some of the microwave activities out of her 4-H book.
Art: Oak Meadow's Clay Fun

I think it will be a good week and we are all ready to go. What's in your boxes?

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