Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's in the box?

I've spent the last four hours putting school together for next week. I did redo my long-term schedules for second grade math and grammar. So that took a bit of time. I am happy with my boxes and am looking forward to a good week next week.

What's in the box?

Box 1--The Reptile Room and The Wide Window both by Lemony Snicket

Box 2--Grammar: sorts for family words, animal/sounds, animal/homes and living/not living. In the grammar box we will be doing definite and indefinite phrases.

Box 3--Math: Second grade: Singapore Math working on subtraction within 20, Rod and Staff beehives for number 11 triplets. She also has her games to choose from to reinforce skills.
Fourth grade: Singapore Math finishing up fractions, worksheets on fractions, fraction circles and magnetic fraction lines.

Box 4--Spelling: List F the first 10 words, worksheet on opposites, th puzzles, we will notebook ea and ai, spelling task cards to practice the words and a game I made up for making compound words using our spelling lists.

Box 5--History: Alamo and states timeline, Native Americans, the Cherokee Alphabet, vocabulary cards and directions to make a corn husk doll.

Box 6--Science: lapbook pieces for the chipmunk. This goes nicely with our biome of the seasonal forest.

Box 7--Reading: second grade: sight word cards and books to read

Box 8--Geography (2 days): flags and map work

Box 8--Biomes (2 days): tree lapbook pieces and animal track rubbings

Box 9--Get creative: Oak Meadow Clay Play book--bunnies.
Second grade: 4-H sewing a pin cushion and name the farm animals sheet
Fourth grade: 4-H start her caged critter notebook, microwave cooking hot spots

I am excited. I have everything printed out, put together and it is all ready to go. It hasn't been like that the last few weeks. In fact school was just sort of thrown together over the last few weeks. So what's in your boxes?

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