Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's in the box?

OK, we are going to be going through a transition from each child having file folders to each subject having a box. This week we are still doing file folders for each child. So what is in the box?

Box 1--Read Aloud: The Reptile Room

Box 2--Grammar: Nouns, sorts for masculine and feminine, family words, singular and plural, and definite and indefinite articles. We will also use our grammar box for nouns and article parsing. 2nd grade will be working on Dolch list 5.

Box 3--Math: 2nd grade: Singapore math 1a, addition strips and cusinaire rods to help understand addition within 20.
4th grade: Singapore math 4a, fraction circles and colored tiles. Word problems from Singapore 3b

Box 4--Spelling: List E, phonogram ng, noun/verb and opposite work, spelling task cards to practice words.

Box 5--Reading: read with me or alone

Box 6--History: Alamo and Native Americans

Box 7--Geography: we will do this 2 days and look at N. America and do mapwork

Box 8--Biomes: we will do this 2 days, forest

Box 9--Science: ?????????? I'm stuck

Box 10--Get Creative: ???????????

So that is basically it right now. I am hoping to get everything set up over the next 2-3 weeks but first I have to have a garage sale and get my boxes back. Several sets of toys I am selling are currently in boxes that are perfect for this but I need to get rid of the toys before I can use the boxes.

How is your filling of boxes going?

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