Friday, September 4, 2009

What's in the box?

I've changed things a little from last week. It is also a three day week for us. We are adding in Geography after I came across some great stuff at one of the Montessori sites. I will be posting pictures later of our Geography and Biome boxes.

So what's in the box?

Box 1--Read Aloud: A Series of Unfornate Events: The Reptile Room Volume 2

Box 2--Grammar: Grade 2: Kites Fly High by Ruth Heller we will notebook imperative, command and indicative verbs. She is also working on sight reading list 4 from this site:
Grade 4: Montessori style grammar boxes. She is taking a break from Lively Latin.

Box 3--Math: Grade 2: numbers within 20, notebooking numbers 13-16.
Grade 4: Singapore Math fraction work but using Montessori fraction manipulatives to do the problems.

Box 4--Spelling: Notebooking ee, ch, ay, ar and doing word list D

Box 5--History: Famous people from 1800-1850 and the Alamo

Box 6--Science: Chemistry set

Box 7--Reading: Grade 2 reads to me and Grade 4 reads alone

Box 8--Language arts activities: Grade 2: make a list of toys, short i words from the word wall, ar match
Grade 4: writing prompt, ou sort, and alphabetical order sort

Box 9--Math activities: Grade 2: addition rods, teen board, making patterns, and number bond squirrels (I made this one)
Grade 4: Singapore 3b story problems, money book, dice games

Box 10--Spelling activities: Grade 2: task card, macaroni spell
Grade 4: spell your words in braille, what's your spelling words worth?

Box 11--Geography and Biomes: North America and the Deciduous Forest are our focus for the month.

Box 12--Art, 4-H and paper dolls?

We are still doing yoga but it does not have its own box. We will do it after lunch which we take around 11:00. So basically sometime between 11 and 11:30 each day we will stop, take lunch, do yoga and start back up with the next box.

I am hoping for a good week. How about you?

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