Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekly Report September 3, 2009

It is getting better every week. I think that we are starting to get into a good routine. We usually start school between 9:30 and 10. We work through our first 7 boxes and then take time for lunch around 11. After we do yoga and finish off the boxes.

I like having the dedicated schoolroom but it is dark down there and I need to work on making it a little less messy and more organized. This will come in time.

This week the workboxes went well. I think that we are making good progress in a lot of areas and the Montessori materials are helping. So here is a run-down of my thoughts on the boxes this week:

Box 1--Read Aloud--They love this part and it is a nice way to start school. We got our copy of A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room on Monday and so Mary and Laura are on hold until we finish this book.

Box 2--2nd grade: sight word lists are going well and she is remembering the words. Ruth Heller's books are wonderful.
4th grade: Lively Latin has gotten hard. I think that we are going to put it on hold for a while and do Montessori grammar boxes for a while and then pick it up when she has more confidence and Independence.

Box 3--2nd grade math: the teen board and beads went so well with the lessons in Singapore on counting beyond 10. It was like they were made for each other.
4th grade math: the fraction circles are going to help get us through the point that we were stuck in with math. I think that she will be able to progress through the material with the help of these manipulatives.

Box 4--Spelling: they enjoy notebooking the phonograms and spelling rules. This is a good area for us right now.

Box 5--History: I think it is boring but we are going to finish with Time Traveler History and then do immersion/hands-on history with lapbooks for the other periods this year. Time Traveler would be more appropriate for an older child.

Box 6--Science: fossils were fun, we forgot to do the project but identifying our fossils was nice.

Box 7--Reading: this is a good area. My youngest is reading better and my oldest says that she is reading faster.

Box 8--Get Active: We did yoga twice this week. I am going to eliminate this from the boxes but keep it in our schedule as something we do after lunch.

Box 9--Word activities: I am still getting a handle on what I want to do with this box. Do I want them to do activities with the word wall? Work on grammar skills? Write? Play games? I don't know. We've been playing with various activities. I think we will end up with a composition day, grammar day, word wall day and game day. But we will see, this box is not running smoothly yet.

Box 10--Math activities: Again this is not a smooth box yet. I think this will evolve into something good in the future but right now we are still finding our way.
2nd grade: manipulatives from our lesson, patten work and a game
4th grade: word problems from workbook 3b, a money activity book and a game

Box 11--Spelling activities: I am happy with this box. Basically, there is a different activity for them to choose from each day to write their spelling words. I have them keep the paper and add the new words each day.

Box 12--Other activities: This is the forgotten box. For some reason this box is not living up to its potential. I have been putting an art activity, 4-H books and paper dolls and such here but we haven't been doing these things. I need to revamp this and make it so that we actually do something with this box other than forget it.

Outside of the boxes, we had a good week. I've been working on the classroom and lesson plans. My youngest had her first horse riding lesson and loved it. And coming up I have a 4-day weekend in which to get the house and my classroom in order.

How did your week go?

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Wendy Hawksley said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful week. Our week has gone very well. I'm debating whether or not we will even do school work today. Friday is our "short day" anyhow...

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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