Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekly Report September 24, 2009

It was a really good week and I feel that we are on a good track now. There were fewer interruptions in our schedule and we have a nice flow going on. This week our activities were:

Monday--Library, Lego field trip, Ice Cream Parlor
Tuesday--Grocery shopping, bathroom, kitchen and trash day
Wednesday--Horse riding, Walmart
Thursday--school prep, main area cleaning, laundry and a trip to the farm store
Friday--play group
Saturday--an evening playdate with friends
Sunday--church, CVS

How did the workboxes work this week?

I have to say I like things a lot better now that I have them all in actual boxes and since I have combined the "extras" in with the main subject boxes. Here is what we did and my thoughts:

Box 1--Read Aloud--The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket. We are loving these rather morbid books that are filled with lots of great vocabulary.

Box 2--Grammar--they liked the word sorts, the noun books went well and the grammar boxes are fun. I am happy with this box.

Box 3--Math--2nd grade: making progress, she does her work and then plays a game until her sister is finished up. She has several games to choose from.
4th grade: I am going to overhaul this today. She needs to work on her multiplication tables before we can move on. She knows them but not well enough.

Box 4--Spelling--10 words per week is better than 20. They liked making compound words and the the worksheets I made up for them. I am happy with this box.

Box 5--History--I really need to move on in history but they want to finish the time traveler curriculum. It is a bad fit for this age. It is a great program but not for non-writing children. I am not happy with this box.

Box 6--Science--We did a lapbook on chipmunks and it was a nice switch. We were happy with this box this week.

Box 7--Geography--we put the flags on our map and talk about where the countries were located.
Biomes--the tree stuff was boring. So this didn't go well this week.

Box 8--Get creative--My oldest worked on what kinds of information she wanted in her binder about her rabbit. My youngest started working on her pin cushion. She has some neat horse fabric and we found a piece that was perfect for this project so that the horse would show up on one side of the cushion.

We actually did the "Get Creative" box this week. Yeah! So it is working better for us with the actual box system. We didn't forget or skip boxes like we've been doing. I like having everything for a subject in an actual box so that if we want to do reinforcements we can. If there isn't a lot of time we don't feel guilty about not doing reinforcement activities.

This week is a success. I do need to work on history and biomes. How was your week?

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