Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekly Report September 17, 2009

This week was much better than last week. As far as stress levels and how well the day went, I have found that we need less "outside distractions." Here is my findings:

Monday--things went very well but the afternoon was rushed because we had the library and someone coming to pick up a baby bunny.

Tuesday--school went well but the afternoon was nightmarish. I clean the bathroom, emptied trash, went to Kroger and a long 4-H meeting all in one afternoon.

Wednesday--once riding lessons were cancelled, I felt much freer.

Thursday--everyone was up and ready before 9. The schoolwork went smoothly and we finished by 11:15. I have no where to go and will spend the afternoon prepping the next school week and cleaning.

How did the boxes go? Yes, I have everything in real boxes now. You may have seen the pictures of what is in some of those boxes. It was very exciting and I think it is going to work a little bit better for us.

Box 1--Read Aloud: We are almost done with the Reptile Room. Next week we will start reading the next book in the series.

Box 2--Grammar: We have been doing a noun sort and then following it with our article and noun grammar box. The girls have also been writing and labeling phrases. This has been nice for us.

Box 3--Math: grade 2--she is working on addition within 20 and things went well this week although we only did half of the lessons scheduled. There were a lot of problems to do and it is hard so we slowed it down. This is a benefit of homeschooling. She also enjoyed finding her selection of games in the box.
grade 4--She did well having written directions on how to do the problems in Singapore but we are now at a holding point and she is working with the worksheets on fractions that I printed out.

Box 4--Spelling: I think that we are going to cut the spelling lists in half down to 10 words dictated per week because my youngest can't handle more than that. Besides, with the enrichment activities, we can come up withe enough things to do to practice the words.

Box 5--History: This has slowed down to 1 day's lesson drug out over 4 days. I need to get done with this curriculum so that we can move on to something better.

Box 6--Science: no science this week.

Box 7--Reading: only my second grader really has a box. It has sight words and her books that she is reading to me. She has almost read and entire book of Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa stories.

Box 8--Geography: We watched a DVD about Mexico and looked at the books about the countries. It was OK. I wanted to do more map work but it can wait until next week.

Box 8--Biomes: We watched Planet Earth: Seasonal Forests. It was great. I would like to start working on the lapbook about trees next week and make some animal track rubbings.

Box 9--Get Creative: I don't have a box together yet. But it is coming and I have requests to work on 4-H projects so I need to get that stuff together as well. I also want to do art and maybe start playing with the recorders again. This box is a real mess and may be 3 boxes that we pick from.

So 9 boxes is better for us. The actual boxes are nice because I can put a variety of manipulatives, games, reinforcement activities, movies, books, etc. in them so that we can pick and choose how we want to reinforce the lesson.

We will see how things play out and how I want to plan things. I guess I am off to to get a new grid. 4 by 9 should do for next week since we won't need the 4 by 12 ones any more. Luckily, I only print out a few at a time.

How was your week and how is your system working for you?

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Cyn said...

Wow- another great, productive week! We aren't using workboxes as such- instead, my children draw subjects ( and surprise extras) out of glasses that sit on their desk. Same principle, just different method.


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