Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekly Report September 10, 2009

It was a short week and like most short weeks rather unfulfilling. I hate doing school on holiday weeks because we just don't get a good flow going. But since we took time off at the beginning of August to go to Wisconsin we had to do school this week to make up the days.

The workboxes. They did not work well for us this week and the file folders just are not doing for us what I want them to do. So I am tweaking them again. With all the confusion of this week, we just didn't do any of the stuff in boxes eight and on. No math activities, no spelling reinforcement and we still are not even touching box 12 with all it's art and fun.

What I am thinking of moving to is to use actual boxes instead of file folders. We will probably not have 12 but 7 or 8 boxes. Each box will contain the month's resources for a subject including games, tasks cards and anything else we want to do with that subject. The boxes will not be numbered and we will take turns choosing which box we do next. This will be closer to what they do in the local Montessori schools where the child chooses an activity then the adult chooses one for them to do.

I am looking at having these boxes:

Read Aloud: includes the book and any lapbooking material that may go with the book

Language Arts: a Ruth Heller book, grammar box, sorting cards and white paper to make notebooking pages for the part of speech for the month. Word wall list and task cards will also be in there.

Mathematics: Each child will have their own box. It will include text, workbook, practice sheets, white paper, dry erase board and whatever manipulatives they may use to do the math that month. Also there will be reinforcement games, task cards and activities.

Spelling: The Spelling book, 2 copies of the lists of words for the month, paper to notebook phonograms and rules, and the task card box.

History: any books, hands-on activities, lapbook pieces, pictures or maps that go with the period we are studying.

Science: books, experiment kits, activity bags, lapbook pieces, etc. to go with the topic we are studying.

Geography: books, pictures, money, postcards, maps, etc. to go with the area we are studying.

Biome: books, pictures, maps, lapbook pieces, etc to go with the area we are studying.

Get creative: projects, 4-H books, paper dolls, ideas, music etc.

I guess that is 9 boxes plus they would do reading and yoga everyday. They have baskets for books to read and yoga happens after lunch.

I won't have the boxes on hand that I need until after my garage sale. I am using the boxes to contain the toys that they have outgrown but they will not be sold. So during our time of transition, I am going to use the file folders but rearrange them so that we do things like this:

Read Aloud
Language Arts, sight words and reinforcement activities
Math and reinforcement activities
Spelling and reinforcement activities
Science, geography or biomes
Get creative

So that gives us 8 periods and that is a little more manageable. Plus by putting the reinforcement activities with the lessons, one child can work by themselves when I am working one-on-one with another.

What do you think? Will it solve my problem of being wiped out at the end of the school day? Will I feel like we are getting enough done? Who knows. We will see how it all plays out.


Rose said...

I will be tweaking our schedule again this weekend. It's a work in process to find our groove and really flow with it. I try not to let myself stress too much over it. All of life is a learning process and I want the kids to be able to see me continue to be flexible and to learn as I go, along with them.

CloseAcademy said...

Good point. I find that life is a true learning process where we are constantly growing.


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