Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekly Prepping of School

Recently, I rearranged my schedule so that I could be home on Thursday afternoons to spend some time prepping school and then doing housework so things would be neat and tidy for the weekend. I am liking Thursdays at home but I am finding that prepping school takes longer than an hour or two.

I am spending around 4-5 hours prepping school each week. Now, this is only the second week and each week I revamped a subject or two but still. It is a lot of time. It is time well-spent though because last week school went very smoothly because everything was ready.

This week I am at about 4 and a half hours and I still have to make 2 multiplication games and a fraction game.

I worry about next week because I will be switching units for grammar, biomes, and geography.

Why is it taking so long?

1. I am going through the boxes to make sure everything is in them after I draw up the schedule of what we will be doing.

2. Lapbook pieces take time to print.

3. History pieces take time to print.

4. I revamped each child's math and that can take an hour or two.

5. Spelling worksheets take time to make and print.

6. Switching a box will take quite a bit of time as pieces are put back where they belong and other pieces are gathered up.

7. I make sure everything is all ready to go.

It is worth it to take the time to do things right. How long do you spend prepping the school week? How thorough are you?


Kash said...

I timed myself a few weeks ago. For my one fourth grader, it takes about an hour and a half to prep. We do few to no projects. I fill in the attendance sheet (required by my state law), write in the next week's assignments in her assignment book, print out math drill and Latin assignments, hole punch everything, sharpen pencils, and pull out the week's reading. On Wednesday nights (or, oops, sometimes Thursday mornings!), I prep for science lab (she does it with a friend on Thursday mornings), and that can take as little as ten minutes to as much as one hour, depending on what they'll be doing and how thorough I am.

Luckily I don't technically need to do any prep for my pre-K guy, but I'm beginning to think I should, because when I do, it gets done better.

Julia said...

I've never timed myself. At the beginning of the year I spent many hours finding literature selections that go along with SOTW, and came up with a schedule. So I spend time making library lists and going to the library each week. For most everything else we do it's either open and go or I look over what's next a few minutes before we do it.


Julia said...

Ahh, I just read more of your blog and I see you're doing workboxes. I briefly considered doing that, but decided not to because our house is quite small and I think they might take up a lot of space. Also, it seemed like a lot of prep work. Still, I like the idea.



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