Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Understanding Fractions

We use Singapore Math and it is great. It has nice pictures, clear instructions and a minimum amount of problems before moving on. But what happens when we hit a wall?

I have to look for supplemental material for my child to use to practice skills until she is ready to move on. This has happened with fractions. She is at a point where it is time to put Singapore on hold while we practice fractions. So what am I going to use?

http://www.eduplace.com/math/hmm/ This site has worksheets for 1-6. If you click on the grade level, then click on leveled practice you will get a selection of topics to choose from. For each topic there are lessons and each lesson has up to 6 worksheets. These sheets are:

enrichment--puzzles and such
problem solving--word problems
learning English--more instructions

Also, I have on hand Math in My World. This curriculum was discarded by the school system a couple of years ago in favor of a curriculum that heavily mentions the state I live in. It is decent and we used it for extra practice with long division.

So what gems have you found to practice math skills when your curriculum is not enough?

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