Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Second Grade Math Box

She is working with numbers within 20 and addition within 20. In her box is:
Singapore Math 1a text and workbook
Rod and Staff worksheets
a hundred's chart
ten and teen folder
"gold" beads and colored beads
cuisinaire rods
a dry erase board
addition and subtraction board and charts
number cards
a number sidewalk and a figurine
and a variety of games to reinforce math skills.
The first game is the number bond squirrels. I used the squirrel and nut templates from: I then wrote the numbers 1 to 10 on their bellies and the number bonds on the nuts. We don't have a color printer so I used markers to make them a little more colorful.
The number trains came straight out of a lesson in Singapore math. I drew the trains and cars so that she could match the problems to the trains. Real simple game to make.
The addition houses came out of a lesson in Singapore math as well. The roofs are numbered 1-20 and have the number word on the back. The houses all add up to the numbers. You complete your house by putting the proper roof on the base.
The other games, I found on various sites online. Leaf addition only practices adding 1, apple addition cards use pictures, goldfish subtraction is subtraction within 10, the addition or subtraction game has numbers with a plus or minus on them that tell you how far to go. I also have other games. Monster Math matches monsters that add to 10.
We also use the Rightstart card game book and cards to play games like go to the dump where we work on number bonds for 10.
So what is in your math box?

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Jessica said...

I really like the train game activity. I may make one into a file folder game for my son. Thanks.


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