Monday, September 14, 2009

Reflections on Last Week and the New Week

I stepped away from the workboxes and the school room for the weekend. Last week did not go as planned and I have reflected on why. Right now we are on lunch break and this morning has gone rather well.

Last week went badly because I had places to be and had to hurry school up on 2 of the 3 days that we worked. I think the workboxes work fine but I felt like I was failing with them because we were not doing all 12 boxes each day.

I am going to go to subject boxes and have already started putting them together. We played with this this morning and I think it will work well. Here is a review of the morning's work:

Read Aloud--of course everyone loves the book so it went well.

Grammar--we did the person, place or thing sort together and filled out that page in our book of nouns, then we sorted articles from nouns and wrote and labeled one phrase.

Math--each child did fine with their math and my oldest is doing well having written directions on how to do the problems using manipulatives. We are going to need more practice with fractions and the four operations but I am going to have to pull it in from anther source.

Spelling--They like having their own list of words and being able to pick and choose how they want to practice their words. They have not discovered the games and word sorts yet though.

We still have history, geography, reading and get creative time left. I feel much better about this week than I did about last week.

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