Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Plan for Learning to Read

Not all children learn to read quickly after learning sounds or how to blend words. Sometimes this is an extremely long process to move from learning letters and sounds to reading chapter books. For my children this journey has taken as long as 5 years. Here are some ideas for things that you can do for each stage.

Learning sounds and letters:
Leappad DVDs Letter factory and word factory
pointing out letters that you see and making their sounds
matching objects to letters

Blending and easy sight words:
label everything with words
point out signs and what they say
make a word wall or window where you write the words your child wants to see/read
start having your child copy words
trace words and say them
make pictures to go with letter and phonograms to show the sounds
read stories to reinforce those phonograms (fairy tales are great for this)
work with the Dolch sight word lists and use them for games
file-folder or matching games for phonograms

reading easy readers with help:
read together every day
make phonograms and spelling rules a visual experience
reinforce phonograms and rules with matching or file-folder games
have a word wall of Dolch or topic words
use word task cards to work with your word wall
write the words, say the words
read stories to reinforce phonograms (Aesop's fables here) and write your own versions (have the child dictate their story)

reading on their own:
encourage reading every day
reinforce phonics through spelling activities
make phonograms and spelling rules visual (notebooking, drawing, lapbooking)
play games and use task cards to reinforce skills

I hope this ideas are useful if you are needing to mix things up, switch gears or just need to have more fun while learning to read. In the past, I have written about how this is a long process and sometimes you get stuck and just have to stop, go back, change direction or do whatever it takes to march in place before the child is ready to move on.

Enjoy your reading journey.

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