Monday, September 7, 2009

Parts of Speech: Nouns and Articles

I have my grammar boxes almost together. The Nouns stuff is all in place. Here is how we are going to do work with nouns and articles.
The first picture is my grammar "box" for nouns and articles. I have an envelope for phrases and one for word cards. Nouns are supposed to be black and the articles are printed on blue paper (it is supposed to be light blue).
Below is grammar sort envelopes. There are envelopes for a variety of topics to be explored with nouns.
The books we are using for nouns are:


We introduce the concepts with the Ruth Heller books and make colorful notebook pages. Then we work with the sorting envelopes and the grammar box to practice the concept. Then we will write phrases and use the grammar labels to show the parts of speech.

Where did I find the grammar box activities? They are in the files section under English and then Grammar box.

Where did I find a manual that shows how to present and do the activity in the Montessori way? On the right hand side there are links to his albums which are free.

I made some of the sorting sets using the information from the mmshare group where they explain how to use the grammar boxes. Other sorts were found by searching teacher sites and here are some links to explore for that:

Then I made a list of topics that we should cover with nouns:
1. noun and articles
2. concrete and abstract
3. person, place or thing
4. indefinite and definite articles
5. singular and plural nouns
6. masculine and feminine nouns
7. family names (male, female, baby)
8. plurals add "es"
9. plurals internal change or other

There is enough here to keep you working on nouns and articles for 2-6 weeks. The plural add es and internal change skills, we are putting on hold until we encounter them in our spelling curriculum and then we will work with those.

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she who must be obeyed said...

love it - thanks for sharing! we love the Heller books, and used them last year with my oldest, planning to use them again this year with child number two.


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