Friday, September 11, 2009

Making Time for Play and Socialization

Once a week all year long, we go to playgroup. Playgroup takes place in a local park where there is play equipment, swings, a large field, trails to ride bikes and a couple of baseball diamonds. It is a great time for my children to run off energy, practice riding bikes, learn to make and keep friends and explore the natural world.

For the parents, we have a nice shelter house that allows us to have a wide range view of the children while we talk with each other. We often exchange ideas and give support.

It is a wonderful arrangement.

Why make time for play?

Play helps foster imagination, build relationships, they learn how to cooperate, work in teams, argue, get along, make rules, break rules, have fun, learn to talk to other people, learn to listen to other people, play games, fitness and exercise.

Our weekly playgroup is an important part of our children's education. It is a learning experience for subject that I really can't teach.

How do you teach a child to not talk about webkinz non-stop? How do you teach a child to work together making fairy bowers? How do you teach a child to come up with a bartering system for the contents of a pinata? I don't know but together the children figure it out and teach each other.

Do you enjoy a playgroup?

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Karen said...

We have a weekly playgroup too. We splintered off of a larger co-op. We're just 4 families, but the kids get along great, and we moms share the same educational goals even though we have different methods. I think it is as good for us as it is for the kids.


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