Thursday, September 3, 2009

Making Montessori--Yahoo Groups

I have found a number of Yahoo groups that have a wealth of resources for making Montessori materials. I am going to link them here so that when I link and give directions in future posts you should already be a member and will be able to find what I am talking about.

OK, here goes. This is the first one to join and membership here is required to join the other groups. This group is set up on a Fly-Lady schedule so that you can work on your making your materials a little at a time. This group is for homeschoolers who want to use the methods and/or materials in their school. It is a Catholic group. This is another group for sharing files of homemade printable patterns for Montessori style manipulatives.

Now for subject specific groups.

Math: This is a group where everyone is working together to make the different math manipulatives printable. This group and the rest are ones that require you to be a member of the Montessori Makers group to join.



Language Arts:

Now, when I post about what I am making you will know where to find things that are a part of yahoo groups.

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