Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Library Day

My mother had the day off of work and so after we finished our schoolwork we went to McDonald's for American Girl Happy Meals. It was Kirsten this time. Yeah!

Then we went to the library. I checked out books to go with our geography box: North America, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. And then I check out a DK book on forests to go with our biome box.

My youngest found some nonfiction books on horses and my oldest found this:

Yes, it is out and in the library. The long awaited volume 11 in the Babymouse series: Dragonslayer. Oh, the adventures to be had with Babymouse.

It was a pretty good library day.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

At the library, I try to find books that go with our history studies (of the gazillions of cultural stories they had, I found only ONE storybook on Egypt that was appropriate for my son's age. Wah).

We also have many DK books sitting here. I think I have half the juvenile non-fiction section in my living room!


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