Thursday, September 24, 2009

Horse Riding Lessons

Is it great when you find something that your child clicks with at the perfect point in time? A lot of times when looking for activities, you find stuff that is too old for them or too young or they are in to that right now. But every once in a while things just click.

My youngest loves horses and we are paying for 2 lessons a month. They are hour long and include more than just riding the horse. Here is a typical lesson:

they go and get the horse
my daughter leads it to the barn
she helps her teacher to brush the dust off of the horse and clean it hooves
she helps carry the saddle blanket
she helps to put the blanket and saddle on the horse
she helps with the bridle and bit
then she gets to lead it into the ring to ride

This week she worked on learning how to use the reins. She is very small for her age so the horse probably doesn't feel it when she works the reins. They rode for a long time. She even got to gallop.

then she leads the horse out of the ring
she helps take off the bridle
she helps put the lead back on
she brushes down the horse
and leads it back to pasture

It is a good, full lesson of not only riding skills but horse care as well. She is also learning about different types and colors of horses.

We are very happy with the lessons and my daughter is enjoying them greatly.

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