Sunday, September 20, 2009

History Plans

I've been contemplating history for next year when we start ancients again. I have an assortment of books that I have been looking at and wondering how I want to do things. The one thing that I was most disappointed in with Story of the World I was that she separated things into three sets: ancient, Greece and Rome.

So I spent most of the afternoon, sitting with our old timeline and mapped out a course for us to follow. Right now it is only titles of lessons. My next step is to find readings and/or projects to do for the lessons.

I started with the 5 Great Lessons, Bible stories and historical figures or events. We are going to follow things from beginning to the fall of Rome. I think we can get it done in about 153 lessons with room to follow bunny trails to 180 days of history.

Big project!

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