Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting Started With Montessori

I had someone ask a question about how I found out how to use the materials and what the materials are used for. She also asked for a list of books to read.

How to use the materials?

I found some good sites and blogs that explained things to me. Here are some links: This site has pages that explain how to use some of the manipulatives and links to other sites and downloads. This page has links to albums that tell you how to present the materials, scope and sequence and some of Montessori's books. This is a collection of albums for 3-6 years old. If you are wanting to do the great lessons. Then here is a good place to start. This site was down when I wanted to link it. But if it is up he has beautiful albums with pictures in it for English and Math. We are using his English album.

Do you want to see Montessori in action and how to use it? Here are some links to videos: page down on this link and you will find videos for how to use some materials. If you click on the link there are links to more. These are really good and this is how I figured out that the ten and teen board was what we needed and how to use it.

As far as books?

My library has an OK selection and I skimmed through a few but they really didn't help me like the sites that I have linked.

I hope this helps.

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