Monday, September 21, 2009

Field Trip and Library Day

We had a good day today. It was a field trip day in addition to the library. We went to the local children's museum for a little class on Lego robotics. The children were supposed to build robotic cars.

After the children's museum we went to the local soda fountain that has just been restored. It has been in our town since 1800 and it is just beautiful. There is the music machine, the marble fountain and even an area for old fashioned candy.

We sat at the bar and got to see how our sodas were made. We ordered strawberry-cokes. First they take coke syrup, measure it out and put it in the glass (made of real glass), then they measure and put in the strawberry soda and then they add the carbonated water. It all bubbles up so pretty and we were given real cardboard straws to drink with. The sodas were so light. They didn't taste like coke or like sweet strawberry but it was more like a hint of strawberry.

So it was a good time. And at the library my oldest had surprises waiting on her. The librarian had two new series of books on the counter that she thought my oldest might like. This is the series that I think she will like the most:

The series is about a little rabbit named Clover and all her adventures. It says that it is more fun than vegetables. It looks really cute and I will probably read it after my oldest does just to see what it is all about.

My youngest picked up books on horses. And I picked up one on chipmunks since that is what we are doing for science right now.

School also went well today and over all I am really happy with the day.

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