Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Day in the Life

I've seen quite a few questions in various forums and e-mail lists asking people about a typical homeschool day. So I thought I would share:

7:00 I am awake and ready for the day, I generally check e-mail and the Well Trained Mind forums, eat breakfast, read the newspaper and do my morning chores.

8:30 Children start to wake up. They spend time watching TV, getting dressed, and eating breakfast.

9:00 We do cat and rabbit care.

9:30 Time for school. Everyone goes down to the basement. The girls pick out a coloring page and I read to them from a book. Currently we are reading The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket.

9:45 Grammar time! This month we are focusing on nouns. We do a word sort and copy words into our noun notebooks then work with nouns and articles using our Montessori style grammar "boxes."

10:00 Math! I get my oldest started working with some worksheets on fractions using the fraction circles and my oldest does a portion of a Rod and Staff worksheet. Then I work with my youngest on Singapore math. Right now she is learning how to add within 20. Afterwards , she does a file folder game or works with a Montessori activity to reinforce math skills.

10:30 Spelling! This week we are working with List E and today we did an antonym activity where they matched the word from their spelling list to its antonym. They also practice writing their spelling words in a fun way.

10:45 History! Today we listened to America and the Yellow Rose of Texas and put the words to these songs in our early 19th century songbook that we are making .

11:00 Break for lunch. We take some time to eat, and watch TV and just relax for a little while before going back to work.

11:45 Yoga. We all do yoga together to get our bodies ready to work again.

12:00 Reading! My oldest reads a book to herself while I work with my youngest on sight words and she reads out loud to me.

12:15 Science! This week science got forgotten. I didn't prep the box so we had nothing to do here.

12:30 Geography or Biomes. Yesterday we watched the movie The Earth: Seasonal Forests for our work on biomes. It was nice to cuddle on the couch.

12:45 Get Creative. We haven't been doing this lately but it is on the schedule.

1:00 We are done with school and I give everyone some down time. I checked e-mails and then let them play on Webkinz for a while. Today we were supposed to have a horse riding lesson for my youngest but her instructor was ill so it was cancelled.

1:30 We went to Walmart because Wednesdays are now for Walmart. Mondays we go to the library, Tuesday to Kroger, Thursday I plan the next week and Friday is for play group.

3:00 Back home again and the refrigerator is stocked for the next week. The children are back on Webkinz, playing outdoors or playing with the bunnies. Each day, I have something that I do. Monday is folding laundry and this week I switched out summer for winter clothes. Tuesday is clean the bathroom, kitchen and take out the trash day, Wednesday is go through the new sales ads and match to coupons, Thursday we work on the main living area and the classroom. Again, Fridays are playgroup but I also run errands beforehand.

5:00 Dinner time.

6:00 Clean up the kitchen and then we start the wind down for the evening. The children play, we get things shut down and relax. Before you know it--it is 9:30 and time for lights out.

That's sort of a hodge-podge typical day. It's what we do anyway, most of the time. Sometimes we have interruptions. What's your typical day like?

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