Monday, August 10, 2009


Since April, the buzz has been growing and I finally started reading about them. And wow! What a great idea.

What are workboxes?

They are a system where you give your child between 8-15 things that they do each day.

But that sounds awful. We only do five subjects. The day would be so long. Why would I want to do that?

Because, you don't just add the daily workload but you also mix it up with fun things. Like computer time, board games, watch an educational DVD, get some exercise, etc.

We've decided to use the system where I use a milk crate and hanging file folders. We have 12 spots. What's in them for this week?

1. Read Aloud: On the Shores of Plum Creek and lapbook pieces for the week

2. Grammar for youngest: Ruth Heller's Mine All Mine and paper to notebook pronouns

3. Latin for oldest: the CD for Lively Latin to review vocabulary and the next worksheets

4. Primary Math 1 for youngest, 4 pages of Rod and Staff Math

5. Primary Math 4 for oldest

6. My notes on SWR and paper to notebook phonograms

7. Lessons 3-5 for Time Traveler History

8. Solar System Lapbook pieces to be done a little each day

9. Painting ideas

10. Games: Fractions of the Sea, Chick-n-Place, and number sentences for youngest

11. Games: Sight word Pig game, Singular to plural, The Sound Clown for all

12. Games: Right Start Card game book

This is a first attempt this week and we will see how things go. I am really looking forward to trying to incorporate more fun into our school day and I hope this helps us keep everything together.

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