Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's in the Workbox for Fourth Grade?

I'm using crates with hanging file folders for my workboxes. We now have our grids taped to the front and each folder has a spot for the number cards. For us, the cards will be on the file and when she finishes it for the day she puts the card on the grid in front.

I've also separated the girls so that they each have their own stuff to do. Last week my oldest had a lot of time to kill while I was working with my youngest and I wanted her to have more independent work.

Read Aloud--On the shores of Plum Creek

#1--Latin worksheets and online game prompt card

#2--Math with work with mom cards

#3--Spelling to do all together

#4--Language arts games: Spelling city (online), TH puzzles, homophone game, spelling task cards, write a letter folder, fish friends (sh sound) She chooses what she wants to do.

#5--History to do all together cards

#6--Science which we do all together

#7--Art projects including tissue paper dye paint and advanced scribble drawing

#8--Choice of other games: Copycat (parts of body) and animal track activities

#9--Choice of math games: Skip count paintbrushes, Fractions of the Sea, 1,000 of leagues (place value), Lego figures book and money activity book

#10--Writing prompt cards

#11--Get active ideas for exercise

#12--Educational TV We have Comcast and they have on demand educational shows on a variety of topics for various grades. I have given her choices of shows to watch.

And at the back of the crate is her box of school supplies. We are excited about this.

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