Friday, August 28, 2009

What's in the box?

I am looking forward to this week. We don't have a lot of afternoon activities planned and we will be able to spend the full week in the new schoolroom. So what is in the box?

Box 1--Read Aloud: On the Shores of Plum Creek

Box 2--Grammar: 2nd grade Kites Fly High by Ruth Heller and paper to notebook verbs
4th grade Lively Latin vocabulary D and a story about Mucius

Box 3--Math: 2nd grade Singapore, notebooking numbers 11-14 and subtracting from 10
4th grade multiplication of fractions

Box 4--Spelling: Spell to Write and Read List D introduced, notebooking contractions, silent e, and oy

Box 5--History: early presidents and file box cards

Box 6--Science: fossils is the topic, activities include finding out what our fossils are and making a fossil. We are also going to spend some time working on putting together our solar system lapbooks.

Box 7--Reading: Oldest is reading Akiko volume 6 and youngest is reading some easy readers on horses.

Box 8--Get Active: Yoga for kids on demand. Lots of fun.

Box 9--Language arts activities: 2nd grade word task card, composition card, sh match-ups and the Kite game
4th grade composition card, grammar card (nouns), magnetic poetry and Kite game

Box 10--Math activities: 2nd grade Montessori teens activities with beads, and Go to the Dump card game
4th grade word problems, money activities, math task card and Go to the Dump

Box 11--Spelling activities: stamp your words, stencil your words and spelling activity cards

Box 12--Other activities: Choice of Oak Meadow Clay Fun or Nature Crafts, Geography task cards, and 4-H books

I think that things will be good this week and I hope to get to that last box this week. Last week we kind of just stopped at box 10 most of the time because we had to get going. I think that having yoga after reading in the mid-point of the lessons will break things up and recharge us so that we can get to all the fun stuff.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

I know I said it before - the Kids Yoga is wonderful. We purchased all 3 DVDs and they have been great to have for rainy days and at other times.

As it cools off and the humidity subsides, this should be a great time to really get outdoors and explore nature!


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