Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weekly Report August 27, 2009

It was a nightmare week. School was great but there was so much craziness going on my head is still spinning. Yes, I try to keep it off the blog because I want things to be positive but sometimes I get really stressed. We had a birthday party, a visit from comcast to hook up a second phone line, several book pick-ups and a revisit from comcast because they messed up the first time plus my regular library, chores, and grocery shopping. I am tired.

But onto the good stuff. The workboxes worked very well this week and I like the order I put things in. I think I will make one change and that is to have "get active" come after "reading" and then go on and do the fun stuff.

So the rundown of boxes will be:

Box 1--Read Aloud (sometimes lapbook pieces if we want something to go with the book.)
Box 2--2nd grade Grammar and sight words for the week
4th grade Latin
Box 3--Math
Box 4--Spell to Write and Read
Box 5--History
Box 6--Science
Box 7--Reading alone or to Mom
Box 8--Get Active
Box 9--Language arts activities
Box 10--Math activities
Box 11--Spelling activities
Box 12--Other activities

They seemed to like the task cards and using the various different mediums for writing their spelling words. It was a lot of fun this week.

Right now we are bogging down in Time Traveler History. I am starting to think that this history would be a better supplement for 7th grade plus rather than a stand alone history for our age group.

Linnaeus and sorting animals was a lot of fun and now this activity set has been added to the shelves as something they can pick to do.

It was a pretty good week and I was happy with our boxes.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

It's OK to share the stress and craziness. We've all been there and sometimes, you've got to get it out. If you blogged a rant/vent, I'd still read it and my response would be, "I hear that!"

Enjoy your weekend. :)


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