Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update on My Schoolroom Project

Yesterday, I set up our task card center. I am adding this as a fun activity for our workboxes. So what have I done?

First there is the sentence pocket chart which hangs on the wall. This chart can be used to put the spelling words for the week, reading words for the week or to make sentences and do all sorts of activities.

I have an old printer table under the chart. On the top is our word bank. The words are arranged in alphabetical order and some are marked with the parts of speech. We have two large card files full of words for our word bank.

Then I have a spelling task card and a word task card box. These are filled with activity ideas and the children use the words for the week or make their own sentences and such. The word cards are separated into phonics activities, ABC order, punctuation, compounds and contractions, capitalization, parts of speech, sentences, antonyms and synonyms, composition, book report, newspaper and poetry.

I found quite a few of my card sets at this site:

And I found a lot of ideas searching through teacher sites:

The spelling task cards are just different ideas for practicing writing spelling words.

I also have a math task card box that has all sorts of fun activities for math.

I think that the task card area will be a nice addition to our school.

1 comment:

Wendy Hawksley said...

This is so cool! When my son is older and reading independently, we may have to try something along these lines.

Thanks for sharing - you're inspiring me with ideas for the upcoming year!


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