Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spell to Write and Read--How are we using it now?

I love Spell to Write and Read or at least I like the 70 phonograms and 30 spelling rules. But we find that just working through the lists is rather boring. Not rather boring but extremely, absolutely, mind-numbing, tantrum-inducing dull.

So I play around with the program a lot. And I know that Wanda Sanseri the woman who wrote the program would be horrified at what I have done but it works for us.

Currently, we are working through the lists but I have added in my own spin. This is what we are doing:

Before we do a list, I figure out what new rules and phonograms are being used on the list. Then we spend a day on each and make a colorful notebooking page with pictures and key words to help us remember the sounds of the phonogram or the what the rule is all about.

While we are doing this during spelling activity time, they are working with the words on the list doing fun things like stamping out the words or using stencils or doing an activity that is on the spelling task cards like write your words in the petals of a flower. Each day they do something different.

When we are done notebooking the rules and such for that list then I dictate the list. Sometimes we spend several weeks on a list and other times we just spend a week. I like to do the dictation on a Thursday to finish it all off.

So far, they are having fun working through the lists. We did the first 3 lists over an 8 week period because there is a lot of information to introduce. The next lists will for the most part only take a week but some will take two weeks to do.

I am trying to make it fun while giving my oldest to confidence to learn to spell and my youngest the confidence to learn to read.


Wendy Hawksley said...

This is a really cool explanation of how you work with the curriculum. Thanks. We use a variety of books and workbooks for phonics, spelling, reading, and writing.

This is my son's academic weakness, so I'm going to make use of your idea of creating a colorful notebooking page with the key words and pictures, etc. Maybe it will help my son develop an interest in reading and writing, and make it more fun for him. Thanks!

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. I've been thinking of figuring out how to use my scanner and uploading our pictures into a file at lulu but I've been rather busy lately.

This is one of my long-term projects. I have pictures I used for K-1st, another set of pictures with sentences for 2nd and our current notebooking ideas.

This could be a good winter project. Lol.


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