Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pictures of our Classroom

The top is the girl's project/art table. This is an area that they can leave messy and work on all sorts of creations. On the bookshelf is books that they can read or look through. On top of the book shelf is our discovery boxes.
Next is my newly organized art and school supply cabinet. On the other side of the cabinet is a ton of board games.
Then there is a picture of the main classroom area. The desks are 4 foot plastic tables. I am using the hanging file folders for our workboxes. Under the desks are our book baskets. I have the shelves arranged by subject and the boxes have various activities in them. I also have all of our science kits and puzzles arranged on the shelves so that we can easily find them.
The last picture is our word wall area. I bought the sentence pocket chart on clearance at Target a few years ago around this time of the year. On the top shelf is our word bank in the two large card files. There is also on the top shelf our word task cards and our spelling task cards. The middle shelf has more word activity folders, word and letter tiles to work with words. The bottom shelf has math activities and small manipulatives. I have our addition/subtraction balance lean next to everything.
I am really happy with how everything turned out. I think that it will be a great workspace for us.


Gretchen said...

looks great! I love the idea of a table just for art projects...if only I could find a place for one here!

Wendy Hawksley said...

This looks like a great room! So big, organized and colorful. Does it just make you want to go to "school" every day, or what? :)

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. It is in the basement but we are looking forward to using it starting on Monday. The girls have been spending a lot of time down there playing and checking things out.

The art table is great because they can do things and make a mess but it doesn't have to be picked up right away.


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