Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Organizing the Fun Stuff for School

Do you have lots of manipulatives, art ideas, project supplies, file-folder games, board games, puzzles, and such scattered all over the house hoping that some day you might actually get it together and remember to use all these great fun activities?

Well, I do too. And over the last few weeks, I have begun a project to organize all the stuff so that we can use it. Here is what I am doing.

First of all, I am cleaning out my basement to make a schoolroom on one side and a playroom on the other. In the new school room I will be using a number of organization methods so that things are easy to find and use.

Craft/Game cabinet:

I have a large old wardrobe with shelves on one side and the other is for hanging clothing. On the shelves, I have organized my crafts and art supplies.

Top shelf that goes across the top: games for adults and older children (hard games)

First shelf: painting supplies including paints, all brushes in a plastic bag, all watercolor sets in a plastic bag.

Second shelf: various craft supplies in baggies for quick retrieval, tubs of plaster of paris and clay.

Third & bottom shelf: larger craft kits

Open side: boxed games

I've also put learning activities in plastic tubs for easy use. These tubs contain things like: play dough, magnets, legos, felting, puppets, paper dolls, lacing activities, etc. These tubs are stacked to make a "wall" to separate the classroom from the play area.

And then I have a bookshelf where I keep file folder games arranged by subject. There are also manipulatives on this bookshelf.

OK, now we have it all organized now how do I decide what to use for what?

I made up a folder that has all the various activities listed by subject and what skill they focus on so that I can easily pull things off the shelf. I also made cards for the various online game sites that we have bookmarked so I can put those into the workboxes as something fun to do.

I hope you have fun getting the new school year started.

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Wendy Hawksley said...

Great job - you sound ready to tackle the school year.

It must be a challenge to organize for two, but you sound like you are on top of things. Way to go!


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