Sunday, July 19, 2009

When Your Child Hates School

When your child says that learning is boring and that they hate school it may be time to take a look at what you are doing. Especially, when the day bursts into tears and meltdowns and drains the energy from mom.

So we are looking at making our school day more interesting, more exciting and cater more to a love of learning. What are we doing to facilitate this?

1. I dropped most of the Rod and Staff materials. I am still using the math worksheets for review work.

2. We have decided that we want to do science experiments with all those kits that I have been too drained to use.

3. I've ordered Time Travelers History CD and am going to use it instead of Story of the World. We are doing the one on the Early 19th century and may finish the year with the one on the Civil War. My girls had quite a bit of 20th century history exposure through American Girls so we will start with ancients next year. We will probably lapbook it.

4. Instead of Rod and Staff English 2 we are using Ruth Heller's Grammar picture books and are notebooking them in a Waldorf inspired manner. They are very pretty and fun.

5. We are using Spell to Write and Read but we are notebooking the phonograms and rules and just doing lists of words that relate to the current phonogram that we are working on. These are also colorful and fun.

We are continuing with Singapore for math and Lively Latin for Latin. I had planned on taking a break from Classical Writing about now and we will look at starting that again in January. I think that this will help with a lot of the bad attitudes toward schoolwork. It has always been my goal that my children would love to learn. So in order to keep in line with that I need to make things fun and interesting and child-led.

Thanks for sticking with us. And I hope to start posting regular weekly updates in the next week or so.

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