Friday, July 31, 2009

Update on Baby Bunnies-Day 2

They will be two days old today. Hoppy kicked two of the babies out of her cage this morning. One was white and the other was gray and they were the smallest of the litter. My husband thinks that she will probably kick out one more.

My best friend when she heard immediately asked about bunny formula and if she could nurse them. So I called the local feed store and the woman I talked to said that it doesn't work. She has tried and when they are that little they usually just take longer to die.

But she did say that if we could find a rabbit willing to nurse them that they might make it. And lo and behold her mini-rex just had a litter of five. So she has three spots. We are looking at meeting up with her tonight and giving her our three little ones and hoping for the best. We will pick out one of the smaller gray ones that have not been rejected so far and hope that Hoppy will be able to happily nurse the rest.

This has been quite an exciting rabbit adventure and I don't think that we will be letting her have babies any time in the next twelve months or so. She is so nice when she is a mommy bunny and so mean when she is not but this has been really too many babies for one little rabbit.

Wish us luck.

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