Sunday, July 19, 2009

Outside Activities

I've also had a lot of thoughts recently on outside activities. If I was the pushy mom then we would continue with co-op because it is good for them to interact with people in groups and learn how to do all this junk. But you know what? My kids don't like to go to co-op. It is not fun except for the show and tell parts and that has ended.

Instead after talking to them we would like to take a field trip once a month to somewhere fun and invite our friends. Things like the soil and water conservation trip, the local planetarium, the local sculpture gardens, a nearby state park, etc. You know lots of outdoor type of things where the kids can touch and explore and even collect.

We are keeping up with our weekly play group and they will see many of their friends there every week and I will get my social outlet for the week.

But we are also looking at doing something like 4-H. Especially, since my oldest raises rabbits. My youngest has also been asked to join the horse quiz team when she enters third grade. Most of these things only meet once a month or so. I like that idea.

We are also looking at opportunities to get physically active. My oldest has asked about basketball and my youngest about horse riding lessons. But there are all sorts of activities in town that we can look at. Or we could do music lessons. My youngest wants to learn how to play the violin and my oldest has put her piano lessons on hold for about a year.

I feel like our opportunities are open and we can try some other things. I hope you have experienced growth in the past year and that you find many great enriching opportunities in the coming school year.

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