Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Organizing Housecleaning

Now, that I have a reliable computer again we can get back to business with the daily posts. This summer for me is about getting back to basics. And a large part of getting back to basics is cleaning house.

This weekend I made a household folder. The first page of this is a weekly and daily schedule of chores. Weekly and daily chores sheet found here: http://highland.hitcho.com.au/teacherforms.htm It is called the Household chores Plan.

My weekly routine looks like this:

Monday--library, fold and put away laundry
Tuesday--Bathroom, Kitchen and trash
Wednesday--Meal plan, grocery and errands
Thursday--Main room and school planning
Friday--bills, begin laundry
Saturday--Bedrooms, work on to-do list
Sunday--coupon clipping

For each room I also made a check list. The bathroom list includes:

Wipe--counters, trim, shower/tub
clean--window, mirror, toilet, litter box
Straighten cabinets
change towels
empty trash

I may not do all of those every week but if I keep it up weekly it will not take as long to clean the bathroom as it does when it is let go for a long time.

I also included a To-do list of things that we need to get done both inside and outside of the house. We have agreed to work on this items on the weekends. The list includes things like:

Weed the raspberries
cull toys in the basement
clean out junk drawer
wash the slip and slide

Basically, they are things that need to be done but not necessarily on a regular basis.

I three-hole punched my lists and put them in a 3-prong folder. This way it is easy to carry it about when I am working and refer to it so I know what I need to do next.

Have you organized your household chores in a unique way?

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