Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Donna Young's site

I find Donna Young's site to be one of the most helpful out there. Whenever I am looking for any sort of form for homeschooling, I can usually find it there.

On her home page she has links to various categories and I am going to walk you through them because many people feel lost or overwhelmed by the amount of information there.

The home page has links to:
what's new
site index
archives--this is full of all sorts of articles

The homeschool planner is my most used resource. Under Planner guide she discusses the various methods of planning--weekly, subject, journal and timed. The planning tab includes information on getting started, curriculum fairs, tips and how to. The List tab has links for book list forms, goals, a curriculum key, checklists, and curriculum planning.

Also under homeschool planner:

Administrative which includes a variety of calendars, attendance forms, time sheets, course of study, grade and transcripts, and grades and attendance.

Lesson plan forms which includes weekly, term and subject, columns (I use these), journal, unit study and excel.

High school which includes important information list, requirements, course checklist, course of study, forms, notebook, transcript, GPA, and diploma.

Extra includes notebooking forms, cover sheets, grids and outside activity forms.

Sets are the various sets of planning forms so you can have a nice folder of matching forms.

Next is the household planners which come in full, half and purse size.

Then there is the Calendar tab for various calendars.

The subject tabs are art, English, handwriting, history, math , and science.

Art includes some nice color and drawing lessons. History has some great timeline forms. Math and science have some great helps as well.

I hope you are able to enjoy this site as much as I do.

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