Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Rabbits are Here!

We were sure things did not go successfully last month with our rabbits so I was rather shocked this afternoon to find my almost bald mother rabbit in her cage with a sweet little gray baby laying out side of it.

I got the nesting box, cleaned it up, put in some straw and all the fur I could gather (there was quite a bit of it) and nestled the little one into it. I let Hoppy sniff the baby first and then put the nesting box in her cage. She hopped in and washed up the little gray baby.

About 30 minutes later we checked on her and there was another little gray baby outside of the nesting box on the floor of the cage. I put it in the box with the other baby.

We then decided to do our grocery shopping as planned and made sure Hoppy was comfortable. When we came back, imagine our surprise to fine not just two or four or six but nine baby bunnies nestled together in the box. There are three pink ones (albinos like mom) and six gray ones from what I could feel.

I gave Hoppy lots of treats to get her through and reward her for being such a good mom. All the babies were squeaking and she was cooing to them like she did with the last litter. A few may already have homes.

We are all quite excited and I don't know how Hoppy will do it with so many. By the end of things with the last litter (only 5 that time), she was at wit's end. I knew she wasn't feeling well lately and was quite worried about her because she hadn't been drinking as much water as normal and it had been quite warm outside. But all is well now.

Oh, and she has already had a visitor. The little wild bunny who likes to eat the pellets she discards out of her cage has been over to see Hoppy and what all the excitement was about.

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