Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ancient History the Second Time Around

As we finish up the Story of the World series this year, my thoughts have been turning to the question of "What will we do for the second cycle?"

There seems to be a wide variety of resources for this age:

Tapestry of Grace
Mystery of History
Christine Miller's rewrites of the Grueber books
Famous Men of ________________ books
and various other resources.

I am looking at focusing on people and myths. Story of the World gave us a nice outline of the story of history introducing us to major events, people and ideas. But this time, I want to focus on the history makers. For ancients, I am looking at using:

The Bible--we will use the Golden Children's Bible and focus on particular people and why they are important

Gods and Goddesses of Egypt by Fisher
Stories of Ancient Egypt
Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by Payne ? (the samples on Amazon read boring so we may not use this one)

Gilgamesh (looking for a version of this one that is a good read)
( ) looking for a good series or books of biographies or stories of rulers of other Old Testament civilizations

D'Aulaire Greek Myths
Famous Men of Greece
Archimedes and the Door of Science

Famous Men of Rome
Gaelan and the Gateway to Medicine

Basically, I am still looking for a few resources for non-Egyptian or Israelite sources for the early civilizations. Basically, biographies of Hammurabi, Sargon and such. Looking at the material we want to cover it may take us a year to two years to get through it all.

We also plan on making a nice timeline and notebooking pictures and thoughts on the various myths we learn about.

What are you doing for the second cycle of ancient history?


Momof4 said...

Although this is the first time around, we're gonna try Draw and Write Thru History (Ancient Rome). It seems to fit my 3rd grade girl, so we'll see if we like it--if so, we'll probably get the middle ages for the next year...this is supplementing Mystery of History as our core.

jennybell said...

While we are not on our second cycle of Ancient History, I would like to recommend checking out a book by Rebecca Rupp, "Home Learning Year By Year". She does not follow the traditional four-year history cycle of the classical model, but it would be possible to find some great living book recommendations for whichever period you are in. I found it in my library and then decided it would be a great resource, so I bought it when I found it at half-price books.

Another plug I have is "Mathematicians Are People Too". It is filled with great living stories about mathematicians in history. And if the math fit what you were doing, even better, but still good for the historical value. I found that in my library too, but do plan on buying it as well.


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