Friday, June 5, 2009

Favorite TV Shows

I do not like cold weather and I get ill on boats then why do two of my top three favorite television shows take place in cold climates on boats?

My third favorite show premieres tomorrow night on Animal Planet for its second season. Whale Wars is just "wow." It takes place in the Antarctic ocean and these radical environmentalists really stand up for what they believe in. They pester and attack Japanese whaling ships in hopes of saving whales. Keep up the good work!

My second favorite is No Reservations. Anthony Bordain takes us to see the world, the real people who live there and eats their food. This show has a sarcastic tinge but it is a wonderful exploration of little traveled places. I love to see the food on the show and it is very inspiring when I am looking for something new to cook.

And the number one show for me is...Deadliest Catch. I've been watching it for years. In the early years there were more boats but they have really narrowed down the focus of the show to the best four crews. I love the show just for the whole man verses nature struggle. Of course there is plenty of man verses man going on too with all the pranks and normal family drama. All the boats on the show are family operations. I think the funniest fight so far has been the "walrus" argument between Keith and Monty.

Well, there it is. My guilty pleasure is to watch reality TV that takes place in cold water.

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