Friday, May 1, 2009

Year End Review and Goals for Next Year: Third to Fourth Grade

My Third grader made huge leaps in progress this year. So there is not really a lot that I feel that we need to change. The Latin-Centered Curriculum method works great for this child. This is what we are looking at for Fourth Grade:

History--Finish Story of the World 3 begin 4

Latin--Lively Latin Lessons 6 to 16

Mathematics--Singapore Math 4a/b which focuses on Fractions

Composition--Classical Writing Aesop's B

Independent Studies--she researches a topic of interest and lapbooks it

Group Studies--Friday Fun Club

Art/Art History/Handcrafts--independent exploration and study. She has free access to a variety of art supplies and instructional books. She also has some talent in drawing cartoon characters. For art history, Lively Latin explores this and we work on crafts together at odd times.


Physical Education--swimming in the summer, playgroup

I think it will be another good year this year and I hope we continue to make progress.

What do you think?


Ami said...

I like it. It is a nice blend of teacher led and child directed lessons. Seems like well reputed materials and well rounded studis.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. It is hard sometimes to sit and analyze a year but it is so nice to know where they are at and what you feel like you need to do.

Thanks for stopping by.


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