Friday, May 1, 2009

Year End Review and Goals for Next Year: First to Second Grade

I went over my goals for my first grader. She is doing fine in all areas but math. She hit about 50% of our goals for math. So for second grade, this is what we are looking at doing:

Math--Singapore Math 1a/b to teach concepts
Rod and Staff Math 1 and 2 for her to do on her own as review and reinforcement

Phonics--Spell to Write and Read lists to reinforce phonics skills
When she is ready we have Rod and Staff Phonics and Readers 1 Units 3-5 and 2

Memory Work--Spell to Write and Read Phonograms
personal information

English--Rod and Staff English 2

Independent Studies--following topics of interest and lapbooking them

Group Studies--Friday Fun Club activities

Other--each month we will focus on one of three subject areas: Health, Geography or Nature Studies

Art/Handcrafts--done independently with access to art supplies and instructional books as well as projects that we do together


Physical Education--swimming in the summer

Over the summer, I see our schedule looking like this:

Read Aloud for lapbook and/or other reading
Memory work
Spell to Write and Read
Instructional math
English or written work for other
math on own

Right now we are doing about half that amount of work and school takes about thirty minutes so I think it will probably take us about an hour.

What do you think?

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