Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekly Check-in May 22, 2009

We are on break this week. It was a good but busy week.


We unpacked and cleaned house.


We had an appointment with the orthodontist. In about a year my oldest will get a full set of braces for two years.


Gymnastics and a meeting about the direction of our little co-op.


A used curriculum sales where I was able to pick up NEM 1 for $25 including all the books, Harvey's Grammar for $2 and a few other bargains. I sold one book.


We are working around the house today. The strawberries are ready and we need to pick them. There is also a ton of laundry and housecleaning and weeding that needs to be done so we are spending our four-day weekend in catch-up.

How was your week?

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