Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thoughts on Breaks from Schoolwork

We are at the mid-point for our three week summer/spring break. I have to say that it has been nice and relaxing. I really think that we need times like this to regroup and get back on track. It gives us a chance to relax, step back and reflect on what is really important to us in this life.

So what have we done on break so far?

The first week was spent doing a lot of paperwork to finish off the last school year and some planning for the new school year. I also spent a long weekend in Phoenix while the girls spent time with Grandma.

The second week has been spent running errands and getting things done that needed to be done. We had an orthodontist appointment, a meeting about our co-op, and today I will be selling my used curriculum. This next weekend is a four-day weekend and we are going to spend that time in the garden and on the house so that everything is all caught up.

The last week of break will be spent preparing for the new school year and just relaxing at home. We only have gymnastics and our last co-op meeting that week so it is fairly relaxed for us.

Basically, taking a long break like this is so nice because we get relaxed and we get a lot of our planning done. So what do you do with long breaks?

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Momof4 said...

It is frustrating for us to hear the "are you done with school?" questions floating around this time of year. We do not STOP completely, but have a lot of breaks year-round and are now busy busy going toward August with at least the cores of language and math. This next year will contain many breaks--the largest for maternity leave and welcoming new baby twin girls!! Then, every 6 weeks there will be a week of just math and history and a week off everything to take a breather. We will also probably take a bit of a more extended break for Christmas and do a lot baking, depending on how we are adjusting to the new babies :)
Thank you for your posts!


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