Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scheduling for Summer Fun

Time for a time management post and this time it is all about scheduling summer school and fun. I usually make schedules three times a year: winter break for January to April, summer break for June to August and in August for September to November. In December we just enjoy life.

Generally, I use pen and paper to figure out what we want to accomplish each week as well as what fun and relaxing activities we want to include in our day to day life. Then I type every thing up. In the past I was the only one who had a schedule but this summer, I made up three: one for me and one for each of my daughters.

One of the key about a schedule is that it is a guide. It lets us know what we want to accomplish and in what order we like to get things done. It is not set in stone and if it take more or less time to do things then that is OK.

Here is what summer looks like for us:

Our morning routine lasts from about 8 to 9 and includes dressing, breakfast and personal care.

Second Grade (before noon)
9:00 Our Father's World (Rod and Staff geography 2)
9:15 Rod and Staff English 2
9:30 Math (teaching and working together portion)
9:45 Lapbook (some of these tie in with geography and the rest she chooses)
10:00 Spell to Write and Read spelling lists
10:15 Math on her own (worksheets/review)
10:30 Chores
10:45 Free time

Fourth Grade (before noon)
9:00 Chores
9:15 Reading for fun or project
10:00 Spell to Write and Read spelling lists
10:15 Story of the World
10:30 Lively Latin
10:45 Classical Writing Aesops B
11:00 Math
11:15 Project (research to final presentation)
11:30 Science kits or other hands-on projects

Our schedule for afternoons
12:00 lunch
Monday--at the pool
Wednesday--grocery shopping/errands
Thursday--at the pool
3:00 Free time
6:00 Dinner
Then we do our evening routine of picking up the main areas, taking a family walk, and getting ready for bed.

Fridays are a little different because we do not do school work on that day. There will be no co-op for June and July but we will have play group in the afternoons.

On my schedule, I am keeping my chores schedule up during the children's free time and it looks like this:

Monday--fold and put away laundry
Tuesday--trash and clean refrigerator
Wednesday--grocery shopping, matching new coupons and sales ads
Thursday--free day
Friday--bills and sort laundry
Saturday--bathroom, kitchen, laundry, main room and change sheets on the beds
Sunday--coupons and rest

What do you think? Do you have a good schedule for summer fun or are you just going with the flow this year?

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